We,Great Light LED Ltd. (GLLL), Canada DPS LED company in Pender,BC,Canada, only produce 4ES durable LED with reasonable price and good service .Our business bases on client satisfactions. Satisfy the client demand then get return will keep the social and business environment growing well.
For serious clients,we can go to your place or do video meeting to demo for you.You can see the actual lighting by your eyes.
Check The Quick Solution,easy to solve your lighting question in short time.

We know there are lots of cheap LED in market already.As DPS specialist knowing the all process including brightness and darkness,to be frank,the present LED market is difficult to guarantee quality and the unreasonable low price are harmful for health market.In long term,no one will be happy in the unfair business environment and will destroy our economy,our community,our country,our earth.Business and life must be fair and honest. GLLL products worth every penny of it.

All products are Eco-Friendly(RoHS).
UL and other certification are available.
Five grade can be chosen,brozen,silver,gold,titanium,platinum
You can also upgrade our systems with solar modules, sensor modules, high power modules, and battery modules for your present and future needs and budget.

Tell ours your needs,we will give you a perfect solution.

Fair and share is necessary for good business envirement,we are humble and integrity,do business and live honest,should you be partner and success with ours together?

1.when you plan to start to use the light?
2.where you need the light?
3.who will use the light?
4.what is your present budget and future budget?
5.why you want to use LED lighting?
6.How you plan to maintain the light?
7.what is your purpose to use the light?
8.which light fixture you are using now?
9.what is the present running cost?
10.why you want to replace present lighting?
11.How many square meters of lighting area you need?
12.How many lm you need?
13.How many watt you need?
14.How many light you need?
15.How long you want to use the light?

Please contact directly.