Flood LED(New)

All Weather-resistant Construction for the coldest weather and high humidity environment
GLLL Durable and maintain-free design
All color temperature variation available:from warm incandescent(2700k) to white daylight(5000-7000k)
115lm/watt SUPER BRIGHT
Replacement of lamps and ballasts of existing luminaires enable significant energy savings.
Eco-Friendly.No lead or mercury.RoHS
Safe Temperature Design

Perfect for Heavy Duty Working Environment,Street Light,Sports and area flood lighting,Tunnel Light,Marine Light,Industrial & Commercial Lighting,House Improvement

Using in Eiffel Tower(La Tour Eiffel) also.Export to France,German,Japan,Taiwan and lots of Asia country already.

For special request,eg change correlated color temperature,lm, Wattage,can redesign and customize to meet your needs and budget.Please contact directly.

GLLL new FL floodlight series maintain-free design, are using in Eiffel Tower(La Tour Eiffel) already.Water-proof,Shock-proof and Salt-mist-proof.

SD series is modular design,that means if one module is out of order,others will still work to keep lighting road for traffic safe.

Please contact directly.