Greener Lighting Solutions

Faced with the issue of global warming,Energy-Saving and CO2 Reduction have become core requirements in may areas of everyday life.In this drive towards a low-carbon society,consumers are all being encouraged to consider the environmental impact of their purchasing behaviour – a movement that we Great Light LED LTD.(GLLL) refer to as ECO Choice.
Through the promotion of energy efficient and environmentally conscious product development, we aim to provide ever more products that satisfy the ECO Choice requirements of customers.

Light sources such as Mercury Vapour lamps and High Pressure Sodium lamps which offer relatively low levels of efficiency and colour rendering will become obsolete in the near future.
In their place, we will see a requirement for light sources that offer a lower environment impact throughout the entire duration of its product life cycle.
“Environment” should not be synonymous with “Expense”.
Those who wish to make a positive contribution towards the preservation of the environment should not be impeded from doing so by excessive investment costs, when the same goal can be achieved via the implementation of simpler and more familiar measures.
This is the philosophy behind our new lighting developments.As high-efficiency, long life lamps, the GLLL LED ranges not only offer the benefit of reduced energy consumption but also minimise their environmental impact by reducing the amount of waste produced – ECO Choice solutions towards the reduction of your carbon footprint.

All products in GLLL are Eco-Friendly(RoHS).

All our products are GLLL Modular Design.It is the best solutions in market to protect your investment,reduce the maintainance cost, protect your employees and envirements.

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