Industrial & Commercial LED Lighting

Long Life (50,000 hours for basic grade,100,000 hours for high grade)
Saving on maintenance costs, reducing waste, and lessening their environmental impact.GLLL LED Advancements in thermal design technology have made it possible to move heat that is detrimental to LED module life away from the light source and thereby extend LED life to 50,000hours or more. Like the LED module, the heat generated by the power supply unit that supplies the LED with power has also been duly considered giving it the same long life as the LED module.

Low maintenance
A simple retrofit upgrade
Utilising the same outer bulbs as their Mercury Vapour / High-Pressure Sodium predecessors, the arc tube also remains in the same position, meaning that the same light distribution can be achieved.
Can be used directly on your existing Mercury & High Pressure Sodium control gears.The built-in FEC ignitor means that the lamps are compatible for use with both types of control gear.(customize product)

High-Efficiency (up to 135lm/W for high grade)
Reduced Carbon Footprint.
The use of a more efficient light source leads to reduced energy consumption and CO2 emissions.Bright light right to the end.Engineered to suppress the rate of lumen depreciation, the GLLL LED lighting will offer a high rate of lumen maintenance, providing a high level of output for as the LED is in operation.

GLLL Round Point Modeling LED.MLPC series.GLLL FTL Flexible LED Tube Lighting series.It is a great replacement for the traditional glass neon.

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