Payment & Shipping

Various sizes of GLLL 4ES LED lights and solutions are available.
For stock item,as a local community service in pender ,I can deliver to your place or you can get it from local distributors.If you want to become distributor,Please contact me directly.
Lead time for non-stock items is 30 days to 45 days by sea , 5 days to 7 days by air, subject to availability.Design-Order-Produce products depends on contract and produce-schedule.For urgent case,shipment by air is 5 days to 7 days.

A minimum 50% deposit is required with your order & payment in full prior to shipment. In-Stock units can be picked up at our facility or send by your carrier.

Payment is flexible.Cash or Cheques,Etransfer is acceptable. Large order depends on contract

Recipient : Great Light LED Ltd.
Security question:you will be asked to create a security question and to provide the answer to that question.Once copmlete forward the answer to your security question and answer to the recipient in a separate email.The security question and answer provides assurance that only the recipient will deposut the funds you are transferring.
eg: What is the abbreviation of company name?(4 word)
Text message: in the interace e-transfer text message,indicate the invoice number you are paying or send payment details in a separate email to you don’t know invoice no. or you don’t have invoice,leave as blank.

Please contact directly.