Strong Community Project

Global environmental issues have become a significant challenge to all mankind.
Great Light LED Ltd. (GLLL) are promoting GLLL 4ES LED lighting as one countermeasure to these issues. The energy saving, resource saving and environmental protection features of 4ES points the way towards a sustainable society.

Our tagline – Light our life ,Value our business , Love our earth

By helping islanders earn income through a collaborative economy, GLLL can also improve the availability of LED lighting products and services on the islands. Islanders can get more reasonable LED light and solutions and service support to benefit their business,not only in pender,but also in other area.

We introduce business opportunity each other, work together then contribute our community.Active sharing and collaborative economy will benefit everyone in community.

GLLL must be a good neighbour. GLLL contributes to its home community through Strong Community Project.Every customer get the opportunity to tell ours which NGO or community group you want to support,we will donate the LED lighting or solutions to them basing on how much support they are arriving from local.We must be fair and share in our community.

Hope bay bible camp , 2017-10 , 8 Hours portable 30W working light with Tripod 1, 10W working light 1
Craig Rwanda Christian mission, 2017-10 , 8 Hours portable 10W working light 1

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