Wall Washer LED

Flexible-Design GLLL Wall Washer LED to meet your needs and budget.
Project Design-Order-Produce Solution available.
All color temperature variation available:from warm incandescent(1700k) to white daylight(5000-7000k)
Universal 100-277V AC or 12V DC power input design(can redesign and produce as custom needs)
50,000 HOUR LIFETIME(can redesign and produce as custom needs)
Eco-Friendly.No lead or mercury.RoHS
Safe Temperature Design
Wide and spot beam types available.(from narrow 15 to wide 60)

Perfect for Construction,Urbanscape,Garden & Farm,Art Design

For special request,eg change correlated color temperature,lm, Wattage,can redesign and customize to meet your budget.Please contact directly.

GLLL Linear LED Wall Washers,thin design.

GLLL Rectangular and Round LED Wall Washers are one of our more powerful light fixtures and can project light up to 65ft.

GLLL Irregular Shape LED Wall Washers(can redesign and produce as custom needs)

GLLL Waterproof Outdoor Lighting Surface Mounting LED Wall Lamp(can customer-order)

Please contact directly.