Local Community Support Service

Beacuse we.GLLL,are pender company ,we garantee the quality are good and the local price is very reasonable,this price is only valid for pender island,our lovely community.You can become a distributor to do business in other area and support local community also.

If you are builder,carpenter,gardener,small business owner,or the people love our community,you can get our produce as local price and use in your business, or you can introduce our durable product to your business partner.It will create more job opportunity,build stronger business environment,attract more young power to live in local community and support our local community.Business must be fair and share,everyone need durable lighting,and every community need durable economic environment.

As lots of residents in our community are senior people and small business owners,they need durable portable light with reasonable price and good after-service for any situations,including Power Outage & Emergency .In order to protect our community and take more business benefit to our community and local ecomony,I do the research and import and carry to pender already.The 8H Portable Working LED is very useful and helpful for everyone.

As a local community service,I can deliver to your place or you can get it from local distributors.If you want to become distributor,Please contact me directly.

Please contact directly.